Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New dates / Langstone Harbour.

Looking at 19-20th October for Anglesey now, the tides will be a week off from springs so it should give a greater range between 'go' / 'no go'. So even if the wind is blowing a gale the water will be a bit slower giving a bit more scope.

Was feeling a bit low from not being able to make Anglesey anyway over the weekend. But on the Sunday there was a 'break' in the weather (force 4-5 winds still) near Portsmouth so and went down to Langstone Harbour.

The original plan was to circuit Hayling Island but as you can see from the GPS trace that didn't quite happen.

We thought it would be a bit of a slog getting out of the harbour as the tide was coming in just as we planned to be on the water, but once we got out we would be ok to travel east for 1.6 nautical miles and then tuck back in the other side...

It was a slog... we didn't get out. Turns out after reviewing the charts the tidal diamond in the channel said the water would be running in at 7km/h, bearing in mind we paddle at 6km/h average and there was a southerly wind blowing against us it's not difficult to see why we didn't get anywhere! We decided to turn around and explore the harbour.

First stop was this sunken concrete structure, the GPS trace shows me practising breaking in and out of the flow (we weren't lost!). The tidal flow was running diagonally up from left to right, behind the structure the water was sheltered and still, just off the bottom corner it was fast. You also get an eddy effect where the water circles around and pushes you back towards the obstruction.

After that we paddled up the side of Langstone Channel, navigated to a few buoys and then headed north to land on long island for lunch (right of the above picture). We then went west to the marshes and then headed south back to the car.

Was an good paddle, and another 3h30m / 10 miles of experience on the water.


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