Monday, 15 October 2012

Looking good for the end of this week.

Still a bit windy but manageable due to the slower tides.

Thursday gusts up to the top end of 6 but by that time we'll probably be off the water. Steady force 3-4 throughout the day.. Saturday nice and slow.

Friday looks to be the most interesting with force 4-6 winds throughout the day and gusts of 7.

Friday 12p.m.

There's about 28 miles left to do using approximate lines as the crow flies.

Nautical chart showing previous GPS traces - blue, purple & green (night paddle) 

It should be possible to paddle this in one day over 7 hours. I've got Thursday / Friday & Saturday to do it, this is both to add a little flexibility in picking the best day to ensure it is completed, and also to allow some time to go back to the fun/dangerous bits to get some more footage... Also I haven't fallen in yet so i want to tempt fate.

Once again thanks to Andy B for being around to help me with this.



  1. Dont want to put you off but you might want to keep an eye on the surf forecast

    Good luck ;D

  2. Thanks Taran. Will stay mindful. Have some flexibility in the plan.