Friday, 2 March 2012

Thanks 2

Another note of thanks to everyone whos had the faith in me to donate early, we're upto £261.25 (inc. GiftAid) now.

Here's your reward, another video of somebody ELSE sea kayaking!

Recently I've been doing open canoes with the aim of getting my BCU 2* there's two training sessions left to go and I should be able to get it by the 26th March. Open boats are probably my weakest area, I'm better in kayaks so by passing the 2* in open boats I'm hoping it's a good indication of my kayak skills to take to 3* at Studland Sea School in May.

Lost 1kg of weight in the last half of Feb (not telling you what from!). But hoping to ramp it up over the coming months, to get in better shape for the challenge. I keep watching videos of the conditions off Anglesey and reading about Coastguard Rescues on UKRGB and I think bloody hell have I bitten off more than I can chew!

Still plenty of time! Need to get down to the Solent for a couple of days and work on some of the overfalls down there.


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