Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Roll practice was ok yesterday, I learnt a lot and was clearly progressing but failed to execute a even a single roll successfully. The kayak may have had something to do with it as it was a "riverplay" (cross between a "river runner" and a "playboat") kayak with quite a high deck, meaning that it is a harder boat to roll than a sea kayak. Still a bad workman blames his tools and if my technique was good I should be able to roll anything. Going back next weekend for more, hopefully after my legs have recovered (limping around like a penguin today!)

Other stuff coming up (should be able to get some good material):

  • Planning to go to the Solent just off a spring tide to get some more experience in confused waters in March.
  • I will be attending some 3* training in May at Studland Sea School as although i'm only a 1* officially my skill are closer to 2* (haven't got round to assessments) so I should be able to benefit! (stars are basically the grading system used by the British Canoe Union goes from 1-5).
  • Isle of Wight Circumnavigation, also in May, it's a similar distance to Anglesey but we'll be doing it with a more relaxed pace over 4 days or so and also in better conditions. It will however give me an indication of how much more work there is to do.

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